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Why work at Knivesandtools? You work, you get paid. Makes sense. But working at Knivesandtools is so much more than that.

Personal growth and career opportunities

Not only will you be working hard to develop our platform, you'll be working on yourself at the same time. At Knivesandtools, you will have plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and to grow in the long term. We believe in the power of our employees. Let people do what they do best. Would you perhaps do better in a different position? We will look at the possibilities together.

Company culture

Our company culture can be described as open and relaxed. Figures and other information are openly shared and you will be involved in many business matters. There are no levels of management: everyone is responsible for their own work.

We ensure that good ideas are provided with every opportunity for development.


Through discussion, many things are possible. Depending on the department you'll have quite a lot of freedom to decide at what time you'll start your days, in consultation with your team. But even within your position, you'll have the freedom to make improvements. We'd be happy if you did! If you can identify areas for improvement or ways to enhance Knivesandtools, we would greatly appreciate your input.

In-house production

We aim to do as much as we can in-house, which provides us with the opportunity to acquire a diverse range of skills. After all, you'll learn more when you write your own texts rather than hire an agency to do so.

Working for a market leader

We are the largest online retailer of fixed knives and pocket knives in Europe. We work with state-of-the-art software packages & technology. Knivesandtools is not a home-based hobby shop, it is an innovative and ambitious market leader.

Company parties and Friday afternoon drinks

Work hard, play hard! It sounds like a cliche but we promise it's the truth. We work hard and we also like to party. Our most recent parties featured a variety of themes, including Après Ski, a 90s-themed party, Casino night, and an After Summer celebration.

Moreover, on Fridays we take the time to end the week together with a beer, wine or soda and some snacks. When the weather is nice, the get-togethers take place on our roof terrace.

Daily lunch and delicious coffee

We eat lunch together in our new canteen. Every day, we get fresh bread from a local bakery, as well as regular soups and other delicacies. Working an evening shift? Then we also provide dinner. We believe that good coffee is a basic requirement for good work. Thanks to our Rocket espresso machine, good coffee is guaranteed.

Fun and diverse team

The average age of our 90 employees is around 34 years, so we're a fairly young team. Our company has a diverse staff representing 16 different nationalities! We welcome everyone. We are proud of our inclusive staff policy.

Employee discount

We fully understand that our cool products can be quite tempting. That's why you get a 20% staff discount on our entire range.

Join us

Smart and fun people are always welcome here. Check out our job openings.