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‘Dedicating ourselves to the customer's satisfaction, from Customer Experience to Customer Engagement Marketing.

Stef first started working at Knivesandtools in 2014, as a Customer Experience Agent. Helping out customers in Dutch and English, on the phone, over e-mail and in the showroom.

It love being involved with customers and the products. I get to help some people buy their first knife, other times I help out seasoned collectors to find that one special Limited Edition.

After a few months, Stef started taking on more responsibilities. Planning, training new colleagues, setting up our service system, and being the contact person for our transport providers.

Gradually, I took on the role of Team Lead in the Customer Experience Department. I was still working with customers, but also found myself handling organisational matters. It was a very challenging task to make arrangements with our carriers and help set up Zendesk, our service system.

Stef witnesses the expansion of Knivesandtools from up close. However, after several years, it was time for something else.

I really enjoyed bringing joy to customers. Still, after a few years I thought it was time for something new. That is how I ended up in the Marketing Department as Customer Engagement Marketeer. I still make customers happy, but now I do so from the Marketing Department.

For example, Stef runs major projects that most customers will encounter.

I manage the magazine that is sent out with every order and I am also responsible for the review invitations sent out after every order. What I enjoy most are the events. For example, I organise the 'Have a Knives Day': our annual customer day that attracts hundreds of people. And we also keep ourselves busy giving sharpening workshops. In addition to that, I am also involved in the development of our new Experience Centre: 350m2 of Knivesandtools goodness.



Dedicating ourselves to the customer's satisfaction, from Customer Experience to Customer Engagement Marketing.


Every change has a far-reaching effect, and that is what makes my work intriguing.


Ensuring the daily completion of our tasks is where I find the most fulfillment.